How do I receive my pictures?

I will make an online gallery where you can see/chose from the edited pictures. The gallery will be send to the email giving when booking the session.
The files can be downloaded in both web-size and in high resolution.
If the package only contains a surtain amount of files, you need to pick out the ones to wish to keep/buy within 7 days of received gallery. If files are not chosen, the gallery will be closed and there is a fee to reopen. It is not allowed to save, send or screenshot pictures that isn't bought. If following is not complied with, there will be extra charges.
The gallery will be online for 2 months.

How long time will it take before receiving my gallery?

For a short session (family, pregnancy, couples etc) the turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.
For weddings and longer events the turnaround time is 3-6 weeks.
In my busy season (may-september) it can take longer than normal.

How many files will there be in my gallery?

Depending on which type of session you have it differs.
For a 45-60 minutes session the gallery will contain about 50-80 edited images.
For events and weddings it will be more or less 50 images pr. hour.

What if it rains?

If you have booked an outdoor session and its pooring down all day, we will reschedule the shoot.
If it's only raining a bit, we will still have the session. We will try to adapt and see if we can work around it.
I can also bring some nice umbrellas for you to borrow.

What should we wear?

I recommend that you wear something that you feel comfortable in.
With that being said there is some outfits that works better than others. I would strongly advice you not to wear large prints and logos and clothes in very strong/bright colors.
Natural and neutural colors like beige, brown, white, sand and other earthy tones is more timeless and easy on the eyes.
But always remember, that it's YOUR pictures and your personalty that needs to shine through.

Can I order prints from you?

Absolutely! You have two options ordering prints from me.
First one is to order through the gallery. It's very quick and easy and there are a lot of sizes and products avaliable.
Second option is to order it from me. I work with a good and local service and my prices can be seen in the bottom of the page 'prices'.


Within 7 days from receiving your gallery you can request edits. Wether it's a pimple, a branch or leaf on the ground or other small adjustments it can be done. 'Beauty' edits like smaller waist, nose etc. I don't offer.
All edits requested AFTER 7 days costs 200 kr pr. image.

Minisesison terms

The pictures from the minisessions is always allowed to be shared on my socials. I do minisessions to test out locations and/or new ideas that I want in my portfolio. For more informations contact me directly.